College Ministry

Cookeville College

Cookeville College exists to see college students grow in their faith whether they have never heard the name of Jesus or can explain deep doctrines of the faith. We want to provide you with a place to grow as you worship God, study the Word, and serve in a variety of ways. In all things we seek to walk through life with you as you mature in the faith. Our desire is to see all students ENCOUNTER Jesus, ENCOURAGE one another in discipleship, EQUIP for the work of the ministry, and ENGAGE in ministry.

Hour of Service

Sundays 8:45a-10a

Each Sunday while most others in the church are in Sunday School, we want to give college students an opportunity to serve in different areas of the church. Maybe you want to change diapers to show the love of Christ. Maybe you would like to help teach or lead a children/youth Sunday School class. Maybe you want to help with our media teams preparing for services

College Group

Sundays 11:30a-12:45p

Fellowship Hall on 1st floor

College Group meets each Sunday morning after 10a worship at 11:30. We will have a FREE lunch for our college students prepared by different Sunday School classes across the church. After lunch we have a large group time of Bible study where we look at how God has spoken in the Word and how it applies to our lives today. This Spring we are continuing a study through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over 3 years. All of Scripture points to Jesus and the cross so as we study each week we want to see the connection to the Gospel and how that applies to our lives.

Special Events

  • Secret Church: A Global Gospel in a World of Religions

April 29, 2016

Join us at the Cochrane’s house for Secret Church. Secret Church is a 6 hour Bible study led by David Platt, President of the International Mission Board. This year’s study will be on “A Global Gospel in a World of Religions”. There is a multiplicity of religions in the world today and they all claim to be truth, but can they all be true? During Secret Church we will explore the claims of Christ in the gospel and consider how these claims inform the way we understand religions and cults in the world and impact the way we live when surrounded by varied believers with diverse belief systems. Beyond learning, Secret Church is a time to come together to pray for the church which is persecuted around the world. If you want to sign up, email Alex at