TN Tech is Back!

This week marks the first week of class for Tennessee Tech. At FBC, we love our college students and are so glad to have them back. There are many ways you can help minister to college students:

Aug. 24th- College Small Group moves to 11:30a. Show love to our college students by helping provide lunch while they do their Bible study.

Aug. 26th- Common Ground (Worship service with TN Tech BCM. More info at

Sept. 3rd- Wednesday College Bible Study begins at 8p in 1st floor Cafe

Sept. 6th- College Lake Day at Center Hill Lake (more info available on College Ministry page)

Contact Alex for more details how you can be a part of the college ministry and impact Tennessee Tech!

New Small Groups Start August 3rd

The first Sunday in August begins a new year in all of our small groups. Children and students get promoted to the next grade. High School seniors join the college group. This is a time of new connections¬†for our children and students, but also can be for our adults. If you haven’t found a small group to do life and learn the Bible with then check out our list of small groups or have us help you find one here.

Church Volleyball League

The schedule is out and play begins this week. You can download a copy of the schedule here.

Team Divisions
Youth Beginner- 7-10th grades
Youth Experienced- 7-12th grades
“C”-Beginner players
“B”- Players with Some Experience
“BB”-Experienced Players
“A”-Competitive Players

Senior Pastor Search Committee Named

On May 7th, the church unanimously approved the Senior Pastor Search Committee that was proposed to the church. The Senior Pastor Search Committee is made up of the following seven people:
Jim Viar (Chair)
Greg Steeves
John Zhu
Andrew Hetzel
Sue Boyd
Bethany Timmerman
Tara Masters

Please be in prayer for this committee as they begin the search for the next Senior Pastor to lead First Baptist.

Church Governance

The church governance team assembles to discuss the current way the church is making decisions and their effectiveness. All members are welcome to offer input. The team gave an update to the church on their progress on March 2nd. You can download a copy of their presentation here.