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We are Cookeville Students. We are Cookeville Students because we are called to reach Cookeville Students with the Gospel. We want to see students desire God, be discipled, and dedicate themselves to service in God’s Kingdom. The student ministry does not exist only for students, but for the families of our students. Everything in our student ministry exists to accomplish one or more of our four E’s: Encounter, Encourage, Equip, and Engage.

We first seek to have students ENCOUNTER the Gospel through worship and Bible study. God has clearly spoken to us through his Word, so we have a focus on the study of the Bible both on Wednesday nights through our youth service, Encounter, and on Sunday mornings through Small Groups (Sunday School). God speaks when his Word is read and taught, so we want students to be in the Word. We also want them to encounter God as they sing praises to God through music. On Wednesday nights, we have a time of worship led by the FBC Band. We also want students to have the opportunity to lead worship as our phenomenal Chi Rho Youth Choir meets on Wednesdays at 5:30. Led by Todd Arnold, these students learn a wide variety of worship songs and go on a mission trip each summer serving in different parts of the country and singing.

We want students to be ENCOURAGED by the transforming power of the Gospel spoken into their lives. Life for students today is rough, and we want to be there to encourage these students as they go through very difficult years in middle and high schools. We want to encourage them to live lives that honor God in all that they do (Col. 3:23). Part of this is pointing to the Bible and explaining to them how the call to follow Christ transforms all aspects of their lives. In our small groups we are doing a study called “Explore the Bible” which will walk through a book of the Bible every couple months and students will learn to apply the Bible to their lives. Students are to be there for each other also and encourage each other as they walk through the life of being a Christ follower. We also want to be here to encourage parents, grandparents, and anyone else involved in raising our students. We want to encourage you to see how the Gospel transforms the way you parent your student.

Another important part of our student ministry is EQUIP. Students are not the future leaders in the church, but can be the present leaders. We exist to equip students for the work of the ministry. We desire for our students to know how to share their faith and be given the tools to serve in other areas of ministry in the church.

Lastly, we want students to ENGAGE in the mission of the church. The call of Jesus to “Follow me” is a call to make disciples, so students will be challenged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their world. Each Wednesday during choir, some students go to serve in the community. In the summer we go to Mission Fuge which is a combination of youth camp and mission trip. Students are also encouraged to serve in other areas of the church including the children’s ministry and nursery.