Bible Study Groups

In addition to small groups on Sunday morning, we offer weekly Bible study groups each quarter that allow you connect with men and women across the church. These Bible studies meet on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday nights with topics ranging from men’s and women’s studies to financial and parenting studies.

Brave (Women)

Lisa Hammons and Bedelia Russell facilitate this seven-week women’s study on Sunday nights at 5:30 in Room 177. This study covers these common struggles: 1) I am worn out. 2) I am suffering with a thorn. 3) I am undisciplined. 4) I am trembling inside. 5) I am invisible. 6) I am broken. Member books are $13.

Truth Matters (Men)

Mike Stringer leads this seven-week men’s study on Sunday nights at 5:30 in Room 175. This study helps equip men to defend their faith in a world that continues to challenge the existence of God and the validity of His Word. Topics to be covered are 1) A Reasonable Faith. 2) Is God There? Does God Care? 3) Let’s Make a Bible. 4) Contradictions, Contradictions. 5) I’ll Need an Original. 6) And the Winner Is… 7) A Likely Story.

Raising Boys & Girls (Coed)

Dana Griggs leads this study on Sunday nights at 5:30 in the Cafe. This study helps adults understand the differences in girls and boys and learn to use tools that will help them communicate, understand and connect with kids of all ages. Parents, grandparents, church volunteers and other caregivers of children from preschool to high school can learn to recognize that being a positive adult example for their boys and girls is one of the most important jobs they have. Member book is $10.

Re-Finance (Coed)

Tracy Russell leads this study on Sunday nights at 5:30 in Room 145. This study of the wisdom in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes is a call to action for spiritual growth in the area of finances and giving. These Old Testament books give great direction for modern money management. Member book is $7. 

God’s Grand Design — You (Women)

Bonny Warren leads this women’s study on Sunday nights at 5:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Ladies will explore God’s will for your good physical wellness through prayer, study of scripture, exercise and nutrition. In August explore God’s plan for your health. Class schedule will expand in September to allow for physical fitness classes.

Celebrate Recovery (Coed)

Randy Griggs leads this class starting Wednesday, August 3 at 6 p.m. in Room 145. This class is designed to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups by showing them the loving power of Jesus through a recovery process. Whether you or a loved one are dealing with hurts, habits or hang-ups, this class will be helpful for you.

Seamless (Women)

Ann Hellman and Lynn Dalton facilitate this seven-week women’s study on Wednesday nights at 6:30 in Room 177. This study covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture.

Jesus’ Letters to 7 Churches (coed)

This Dr. David Jeremiah study will begin Monday, August 29 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 177. Dr. Jeremiah describes how those letters to 7 churches have application to today’s churches and to our lives.