In the FBC College Ministry, our goal is for you to learn how to desire God, disciple others, and devote yourself to serve. You will spend only a few years in college. Because of that, we want to invest in you and eventually send you out to go make disciples in your workplace, families, and churches. If that is something you are interested in, come join us for worship and small groups. Just above this you will see some pictures that have our vision statement on them. Click on any of those to sign up or get more info on each component of our church.  If you are looking for a church home to invest in you while you are in college, we would love for you to visit FBC Cookeville. 


At FBC, we want every person to learn how to desire God. We believe that happens through knowing God and His Word. We want you to learn how to desire God in your everyday life. Part of how that happens is by coming to one of our services and coming to small groups. Our worship services are at 8:00am and 10:45am on Sunday mornings. We also have college small group at 9:30am in the fellowship hall. Following the 10:45am service, there is a lunch provided with relevant teaching and discussion about the Christian life. These two avenues will help you learn how to desire God and lead you into biblical discipleship. 


Discipleship is part of our DNA as a church. We like to think of our discipleship plan like a pathway or a funnel. It starts with a person being involved in worship. Then through being involved in weekly worship, they move into also being involved in a small group of about 10-20 people. Then from those groups form small discipleship groups of 3-5 people. These discipleship groups are single gender and focus on scripture memory, Bible study, and accountability. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 that we are supposed to make disciples. The Christian life is far more than sitting on a pew or attending on Sunday mornings. It is about being a disciple of Jesus. As a church, we want every person to be discipled. That happens through these three parts of the pathway: Weekly Worship | Small Group Discipleship Group


During your time in college, we are going to invest greatly in you. You will be discipled and taught what it means to follow Jesus in every area of your life. Part of that is devoting yourself to serve in the local church. There are many opportunities for you to serve alongside other church members in something you are passionate in. Part of discipleship is service and so we believe every follower of Jesus has a part to play in serving the church.