Matthew 20:28

Deacon Ministry Purpose: Our purpose is to function as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ serving in and through the church as partners with the Pastor in enabling the church to fulfill its Kingdom agenda.

Deacon Ministry Vision:
We, the Deacons of First Baptist Church, feel led of the Lord to express our Deacon ministry by serving as ministers who seek to meet specific needs in the congregation according to our individual gifts and abilities.

Deacon Qualification and Service: Deacon Qualifications and ministries shall be as set forth in the Deacon Manual.

Active Deacons: Richard Cashion, Joe Church, Robert Fuller, Chris Gaby, Ed Griggs, Ted Jernigan, Bob Lovell, Jack Mattson, Wade Raines, Randall Ramsey, Tracy Russell, Van Sliger, Greg Steeves, Howard Stephenson, Gordon Vasseur, Jim Viar, Don Williams, John Zhu

2010-2011 Officers: Bronn Rayne, Chairman| Farrell Cox, Vice-chair | Harold Garrett, Secretary | Steve Sharpe, Chair-Elect

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