Watchman Prayer Ministry

Watchman Prayer Ministry is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week ministry. Prayer watchmen are responsible for one hour each week. Praying is done in the home or wherever you happen to be at the time. A fellow watchman calls you at the beginning of your hour and passes the watch to you. You call the next prayer watchman at the end of your hour and pass the watch to him/her. Each watchman receives a monthly “prayer guide” with suggestions for prayer and praise.

You have an opportunity to be an active part of this exciting ministry which will benefit not only your own life but the life of your church and community as well.

How Do I Participate? Please contact the church office for available time slots, to sign up or to get more information. To see available time slots, click the link below.

Why Watchman? The Watchman Prayer Ministry is based on this principle: A 24-hour intercessory prayer ministry can and should involve as many members of the local church as possible.

Too often, prayer ministries have been restricted to the four walls of a church or prayer chapel. But the logistics of traveling to the church to carry out such a prayer ministry has limited the involvement of church members. Driving time. Safety during late-night hours. Inconvenience for the elderly, young mothers, or the handicapped. Bad weather. These issues often hamper a 24-hour prayer ministry which takes place at church.

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