What to Expect

Biblical Teaching

Each Sunday you can expect to hear the Bible faithfully taught in our worship services by Pastor Scott and applied to your life.

Engaging Worship

On Sunday mornings we have two worship services. Both services are held in the sanctuary. One is at 8.00 and the other at 10.45. Worship is led by a blend of our choir, orchestra, and a band. You will encounter God through vibrant worship and the preached Word.

Loving People

Anytime you come through our doors, you can expect to be loved. You will be met in the parking lot by some of the nicest people in Cookeville who will direct you to where you are supposed to go. 


Our nursery is open to newborns through Kindergarten aged children during small groups and worship. There will be a station at the entrance for you to check in at. All children and volunteers are required to check-in before entering the nursery.  

Small groups for 1st-6th graders are found on the 3rd floor. Children attending small groups will need to be picked up by an adult prior to worship.

Small Groups

Our desire is that each member of our church will be involved in a small group. Small groups are where community is found and discipleship begins.  Take a look at our small groups today and join one this Sunday.